What is AMD?

Macular degeneration age related (AMD)

AMD is a chronic affection age related which occurs when the macula is deteriorating. The macula is situated in the center of the retina. It is responsible for the central vision.

The macula allows the good vision of details, reading books and faces recognition. The deterioration of macula leads to the partially or fully loss of these functions and can provoke the decay of life quality. Still, with a good following from the ophthalmologist, you can slow or even stop the advancement of the vision loss and you can learn, take advantage for really useful advices, to improve your capacity to be fully part of the social life.

There are 2 types of AMD: dry AMD and humid AMD. Approximately 90% of the AMD are cases of dry AMD, the others being humid. If you are affected by AMD, please inform yourself about different treatment options that are offered.

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